Künstler Atelier-Klemmleuchte - Artist Clip-on Studio Lamp E31475

Daylight Company Ltd. London
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Zusätzliche Klemmleuchte für die Künstler Atelier-Leuchte mit Standfuss(E31375)
  • Leistungsstarke 32W daylight™ Energiesparbirne
  • Verbrauch = 32 kWh / 1.000 h
  • Einzigartige daylight™ Technologie für optimales Tageslichtspektrum Große Blende mit reflektierender Innenbeschichtung für maximale Ausleuchtung Sicherer Halt dank patentiertem Clamp Lock System™
  • 12cm/5" schwenkbarer Arm zur präzisen Licht Ausrichtung
  • Extralanges 3m/10' Kabel für mehr Reichweite
  • Ersatz Energiesparbirne: D15320

    The Artist Clip-on Studio Lamp provides a high quality large stylish brushed aluminium finish. This product is an additional lamp specifically designed for the Artist Studio Lamp + Stand (E31375) product.

    Not only is this lamp extremely powerful (32Wenergy saving bulb 130W equiv.) but also spreads the light across a wide area which is ideal for large paintings.

    The natural bright white daylight?? technology also reduces eye strain and glare for healthy vision and allows true colour correcting for colour matching, ideal when painting or looking at photographs.


    Additional Artist Clip-on Studio Lamp for the Artist Studio

    Lamp + Stand (E31375).

    Get up to 128W of pure natural daylight (equiv. 520W) by adding 3 additional Clip-on Studio Lamps

    New extremely powerful 32W energy saving daylight technology bulb (130W equiv.)

    New super wide shade with reflective coating for maximum wide-angle even light coverage

    Easy accessible switch on top of shade

    Easy height adjustable clamp

    Replacement bulb: D15320

  • Eco friendly, uses 80% less energy

    Keeps the lamp firmly in position

    Weisses natürliches Tageslicht

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